CV Marcel Edixhoven (1952) 

Living in Rotterdam the Netherlands 

Beyond a lot of other skills like: technical engineer at the department of

Biochemistry Erasmusmc Rotterdam, builder, musician,


 From 1990 Edixhoven has been more and more involved in photography with a boost from the digital revolution. 

He starts with travelphotography and is  now collaborating with

Sylvie Overheul, a talented artist in paintings and drawings.

Together they form Overheul/Edixhoven recycled art

mixed media combined in layers affecting eachother forming artprints


2007: waterplan photocontest

2008: beursplein Rotterdam photocontest

2009 het vierkante ei, art contest

2010 exposition Lunatech (an intrepetation of La Gitane, Kees van Dongen)

Also in CBK Rotterdam

Oranjeboom Rotterdam The Oranjeboom artists exposing their work including Oera art


2007: waterplan photocontest

2008: beursplein rotterdam



het vierkante ei




some reactions